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McMyne Property Management, LLC (MPM) is a privately owned, New Orleans based company founded in 1997 as a full service property management company specializing in landscaping, signage, lighting, and facility maintenance. MPM has been providing award winning services to its commercial customers in Louisiana and Texas since its inception. MPM has built a reputation for outstanding quality and unbeatable integrity that is based on trust and commitment to the client. MPM has always strived to preserve its client’s property investments offering unsurpassed quality services while keeping prices competitive.  MPM self-performs the vast majority of its work and has established a track record of quality performance, reliability, and responsiveness with personal attention and flexibility for each of its clients. MPM documents all of its maintenance work with “before and after” pictures so that the client is assured of quality results. MPM provides detailed Inspection Reports with photographs and guaranteed estimates for all proposed or requested project work at a client’s facility. Once approved and scheduled, MPM always completes the work on time and within budget unless interrupted by nature, politics, or the client’s choice.    

Environmental Responsibility


In 2015, in the spirit of many corporate-based, green initiatives throughout America, MPM initiated a “Reduce/Reuse/Recycle“ environmental program with one of its large clients, and named it the R3 Project. The project was structured so as to augment the client’s building decommissioning program with environmental responsibility and added value for the all the program participants. The R3 Project proved to be very successful. Since 2015, MPM estimates that approximately 88% (by tonnage) of all decommissioning trash was diverted from landfills via donations to non-profit institutions (29%), recycling (18%), and re-purposing furniture, equipment, and signage to alternate client facilities (41%). Furthermore, the re-purposing efforts resulted in a savings of over $250,000 to MPM’s client in 2017 as compared to buying brand new items at list price.    

Emergency Disaster Services


MPM specifically excels at providing outstanding emergency preparation, remediation, and recovery services for hurricanes, winter storms, and floods. MPM earned many accolades for outstanding performance before and after hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, Gustav and Ike in 2008, Isaac in 2012, and Harvey in 2017.  MPM also provided outstanding services during several winter storms since 2014 in Texas and Louisiana which were essential for avoiding ice-related accidents with customers and employees. During the aftermath of a natural disaster, MPM immediately provides the required labor resources for initial clean-up of client sites as government officials permit access to different areas of states and cities. Restoration of building facilities and landscape architecture is accomplished quickly as prioritized and directed by MPM’s clients.    

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